How Not to Do Valentine's Presents

Christmas ends. And it is too early to advertise for Easter. This is where Valentine's Day is coming into play - bridging the gap between the card and gift companies everywhere. That's the kind of cynicism that has led to one of the hardest unsuccessful attempts Valentine's gifts I've ever heard.

Pressed to 'cover' Valentine's Day spirit of his better half, my friend of many years are reluctant to seek what he considers to be a true Valentine's Day gifts. During this period, he came up with the idea that they are less romantic than herpes. Worse yet, it's all true ...

One year, he returned back to the nice, just a bunch of flowers. Not bad at all, you might think, except for the fact that it is hotfooted in Asda, where he bought a beautiful bouquet with lovely yellow "Reduced" stickers on the side. He later forgot to remove it. The proof is on Facebook.

The second time he went into the city, where he planned to blitz the place for my wife 'Valentine darove.Prvo place went to a store, whose name begins with "Re", and ends in' public '. Here, looking quite top of that, in fairness, suited his partner down to the ground. It would've been perfect to not buy it two sizes too big.

next Valentine's Day gift to show some thought, but ultimately all the subtleness of the 51st Panzer Division. After hearing his girlfriend briefly talk about wanting to exercise a little more, I bought her a treadmill. After secretly put him in a spare room, she ran up to him after gave her a huge tip. You literally could not catch up.

There is also a year when he went to the store house of fun - a big one that starts with "H" and ends with a "V". With clear instructions about what was required, it is here that he bought her latest CD, Katy Perry. She asked Adele.

Finally, it was time she took out for a nice Valentine's Day meal. However, to avoid Valentine's hiked-up prices (and who can blame him?) Waited until a day or two later, at which point he took her to an all-you-can-eat buffet at your favorite Indian krugkutu. Not his worst effort in any way, but still lacks something to romance front.

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